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Here Are The Senior High Schools with Nicest Uniforms

From popular Brilliant Science and Maths Quiz, debate competitions and various inter schools sporting competitions, senior high schools are ranked. Most of these schools often shade others with these bragging rights. Where does your school fall? What are you best at and can obviously boast of? However, some of these schools are acknowledged by their well designed school attires. Check these uniforms out;
1. Ghana National College

7 Senior High Schools with the most beautiful uniforms

2. Holy Child School

Holy Child Students Charged To Maintain High Discipline Standards ...
3. Achimota School

Meet The Current School Prefects Of Motown - Kuulpeeps - Ghana ...
4. St. Mary’s Girls SHS

St. Mary's Girls Senior High School Instagram posts - Picuki.com
5. Adisadel College

NMSQ: My boys fell sick studying for the quiz – Adisco Headmaster
6. Pope John SHS

Pope John Senior High School on Twitter: "SRC EXECUTIVES 2019/2020… "

7. Mfantsiman Girls


Second lady mentors students from her alma mater Mfantsiman Girls ...
8. Archbishop Porter Girls’ SHS

ECG sensitizes Archbishop Porter Girls SHS on its operations ...

9. St. Mary’s Boys SHS

SCHOOL HISTORY – St. Mary's Old Students Association
10. T.I Amass

NSMQ2019: T.I Amass shows class – Thriller News GH

11. Temasco

Temasco@ 50 Documentary - YouTube


12. Wesley Girls

Wesley Girls High School Names New Headmistress - Kuulpeeps ...

13. Bishop Herman College

NSMQ Ghana on Twitter: "NNB - End of Contest: Bishop Herman ...

14. Kumasi Anglican Senior High School

Luv/ARSRC High Sch Debate: KASS Qualify to the Round of 19 as TOSS ...


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Here Are The Senior High Schools with Nicest Uniforms

From popular Brilliant Science and Maths Quiz, debate competitions and various inter schools sporting competitions, senior high schools are ranked. Most of these schools...

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