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Pink October: All You Need To Know About Breasts

The mammary glands, which are possessed by most mammals, are commonly known as breasts. Every human being has breasts; both men and women, young and old. It will amaze you how everyone feels at the sight of breasts.


Did you even know that a man’s life could be increased by just staring at breasts?
Well, you now know. No wonder breasts are life to most men. LOL

Just as the other parts of the body, the breasts are equally important as they play a pivotal role in the lives of many. It is even more enthusiastic that the whole month of OCTOBER has been set aside to create awareness on breasts cancer.

Many women across the globe lose their lives from breast cancer. However, research shows that about 1% of people who are diagnosed of breast cancer are MEN. Surprising, isn’t it?

Let us have a look then at some of the things you need to know about BREASTS….
* Breast size is genetic.
Breast sizes are from the genes. Yes. So if you naturally have melon-sized breasts or smaller ones, blame genetics.

* The two breasts of an individual may have different sizes. That’s absolutely normal. They may even have different shapes and slightly different weights.

* Breast size, though could be associated with genetics, could also be affected by breastfeeding, periods, pregnancy and Menopause. Some birth control methods may also affect the size of breasts.

* A woman can only assume a fully mature set of breasts after pregnancy. Until then, the breasts may still be in the growing stage.

* Anyone with breasts can get breast cancer. This means men are not left out, including transgender individuals.

* Losing weight can reduce breast size.

How Do You Know If Your Breasts Are Healthy?

1. Healthy breasts have natural small lumps in them.
2. Having a clear skin around breasts shows a healthy breast.
3. The temperature of your breasts must be at par with that of the rest of the body.
4. Healthy breasts should be free from discharges except during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
5. Healthy breasts should not hurt unless during periods, breastfeeding or pregnancy.

How To Care For The Breasts

Taking a warm or cold bath as done on a regular basis is not enough when it comes to caring for the breasts. The breasts also needs special treatment just as you would give to your hair, face and skin.

To care for the breasts, you may do the following;

* Keep the breasts clean always by washing them very well during baths, paying attention to the space in between and under the breasts and the nipples as well.

* Keep the breasts moisturized with some oils.

* Apply some deodorants in the bra as there may be some sweat around the breasts.

* Make sure you get the right bra size for your breasts. Smaller bras may cause over stretching and sagging of the breast ligaments.

* Massage the breasts regularly. This improves blood circulation in the breasts.

* Do regular self examination of the breasts.

* Wash your bras regularly to prevent any infections.

However, do you feel any pain or an unusual discomfort?
Have you seen a change in the shape or size of your breasts?
Does your breasts feel itchy or have you noticed some rashes or swelling on your breasts?

If yes to any of these questions, you will have to see a physician as soon as possible to prevent any further complications.

Let’s all partake in the PINK OCTOBER to create awareness on breast cancer.

Save a breast, save a life!

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