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Some Annoying Things That University Roommates Do

University life, just like a camera that needs both the positive and negatives to get a perfect image, is supposed to be interesting with the numerous experience; the good, the bad and the ugly.
One may experience a lot from the lecture halls, various social gatherings and relationships with classmates, roommates, church mates but to mention a few.
Only a few people may not have had experiences with roommates issues, but to many roommates exhibit diverse attitudes, both negative and positive.

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Can you relate to the roommate you had back in school who would cook for you even before you closed from lectures? The one that washed your clothes even when you hadn’t asked them to? How about the one that behaved exactly like your favorite sibling at home?
Of course…
Who doesn’t enjoy a royal treatment? How sweet!
However, can we relate to some annoying things they can do?

Here are annoying things that university roommates do;

1. The ones who leave their plates unwashed after eating in them.

disgusted jim carrey GIF
2. The ones that keep longer than usual in the washroom.

Useless Old Timey Baseball GIF by Team Coco
3. Interrogating your visitors like detectives. Lol.

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4. Using your items without permission.

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5. The ‘dirty’ ones who drop rubbish anywhere around the room.

Trash Bin GIF by Emmerdale
6. The ones that borrow items and never return them.

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7. The ones that have to start cleaning up immediately when you’ve received a visitor especially of the opposite sex.

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8. The ‘bossy’ ones who give instructions and give comments about almost everything.

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9. The smart ones who skip duty roasters.

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10. The noisy ones who only start when you’re studying.

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11. The ones who battle with others over when to put the light on or off.

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12. The ones that arrive later hours to disrupt your sleep.

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