American Rapper, Lil Nas X Flaunts His New Boobs He Acquired Out Of Boredom

American rapper, Lil Nas X has got social media talking following a photo he posted on his Twitter account.

Some people go on an impulse shopping spree while others bake but for the “Rodeo” rapper, he got himself a pair of new boobs out of boredom.

His unusual purchases threw social media users in a frenzy, everyone was trying to make sense of what the rapper had done.

“That’s not something you do when you’re bored sir,” one fan commented.

“He could’ve spent that money on mine if he was that damn bored,” another fan said.

Of course, the Christian crusaders came swinging their swords over the Lil Nas X’s head saying he does not know God and he hit back at them in equal measure.

Did Lil Nas X get breast implants or plastic surgery?

According to “experts,” Lil Nas X neither got breast implants or plastic surgery. One fan pointed out that there was a bit of a colour mismatch from the boobs to his neck area concluding that it is just fake.

Lil Nas took the fun to TikTok where he gave his fans a little boob dance with his song “Call Me By Your Name” playing in the background.

“Ain’t no new titties bouncing like that. Not even after several months. So cool trick, Nas,” a fan exposed.

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