Here’s Your Sure Bet Guide To Shopping More For Less At Kanta

Kantamanto is Ghana’s biggest second-hand clothes market and it’s right in the heart of the capital, Accra; annexed to Makola Market; the largest point of trade in the city.

Kantamanto Market is undoubtedly the largest thrift market in West Africa – full of arrangements of hand-me-down clothes, vehicle spare parts, home decor and footwear, which together give it the look of a grand flea market with almost no space left to spare.

Obviously, not everyone could afford brand new clothes in boutiques or malls, ‘Kanta’ as often referred to is the market for everyone regardless of how much you have in hand. You can walk out of Kanta with lots of goodies if you know these tips.


1. Get there on time

Kantamanto traders never go to sleep as new merch trickle in from neighbouring countries almost all the time. They begin breaking their bulks at night to sort their booty. Kanta is the go-to place for most of the boutiques in Accra when they want to restock therefore getting there early means you’re going to get the best of thrift at the lowest prices. At 6:00 am, the night market is already closed and the best goods are picked to be resold at higher prices.


2. Know what you want

You can save your cognitive battles for later because, at Kanta, it is best to go there knowing exactly what you want to buy. Shoppers are always bombarded with varieties of quality goods which leaves them confused hence they waste their money on things they didn’t intend to buy. This is a guard against impulse buying, however, sometimes you just have to give in to the pressure.


3. Be a hell of a bargainer

Do. Not. Go. To. Kanta. Thinking. Everything. Is. Cheap. Of course, everything is cheap at Kanta but those rascal traders would do everything to milk you off some good cash. Always make sure to offer to pay one-third of the price. If they don’t agree, make it two-thirds. Whatever you do, do not add the last one-third. Move on to other traders with similar products, they might call you back since the market is a very competitive one.


4. Create relationships

Relationships cut across every aspect of life and you would need a little bit of that at Kanta too. Creating special bonds with trader puts you in their good books and you would never miss some good selection. Your new friends might give you a call when new goods arrive. Remember what I said about getting there early?


5. Thursday is market day

The best goods usually arrive on Thursdays. Most of the sellers stay overnight so they don’t miss the good selection. By 6:00am on Thursday morning, prices go high within the twinkle of an eye.


6. Your tip goes here

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