Types of People You’re Likely To Meet In An Exam Hall

Examination is one of the key things we can never run from as long as we’re students. Nevertheless, it is one of the most common ways to assess students’ performance, especially in Ghana.
We live in an era where most students pass their examinations even without understanding what was taught, and as to how they manage to pass, that’s still a mystery even to the gods. This is a clear indication that many people simply learn to pass exams and not necessarily to apply the knowledge.
In view of this, many people device several strategies to enable them pass in exams, no matter how dubious such acts may be. The primary aim is to just have your way through.

Now let’s have a look at the various kinds of people you’re likely to find in an exam room;
1. The people who definitely know the answers but will still ask other people.

2. The people who don’t know anything but will never ask even if there’s a free chance, either they’re too proud to ask or shy .

3. The ones who want to be taught almost everything.

4.The “powerhouses”. These are the ones that most people rely on for most accurate and trusted answers. No matter how bad they treat you on normal days, you’ll have a royal treatment during examination period.

5.The late comers who will give excuses for their lateness to the exam hall. “….I’m not well” “there was huge traffic”… and excuses you can’t even imagine.

6. The ones who’ll always finish before time and probably leave before time.

7. The ones who sleep comfortably in the exam hall.

8. The “formation” squad.
These people have their own sitting arrangement in the exam halls especially when the arrangement is not in order of index numbers.
9. The ones whose sitting position is always changed by the invigilators.

10. The busy bees who look so serious but may not be writing anything sensible. Asem oo.

11. The ones who frequently ask for too much extra sheets.

12. The “apor” squad.
You can never imagine where people keep answers to the exam halls; some write on sheets, pencils, store answers on calculators, and even on their skin and clothes. I bet they’re legends, because the good ones will never be caught.

13. The crying ones

Monsters Inc Reaction GIF by filmeditor

14. The ones who know but will never teach you. “please number one.. “, “…oh I’m not sure. sorry”…

15. The religious ones who’ll always prompt you that cheating is a sin.

16. The “I haven’t learnt anything people”

These and many others, I’m sure you’re likely to meet in an exam hall.

Now tell us, Which one are you??

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