10 Times People Proved They Are Living In 3021 While The Rest Of Us Live In 2021

Who knew life could be this easier this way?

1. Who says you can’t operate your phone while you are getting a haircut?


2. Still find it hard to fetch water from a wash hand basin? Forget hose, try this


3. Hide your wallet in a diaper when next you go to the beach, think about it, no one steals a diaper.


4. Who needs a cameraman for newscasting when you have a selfie stick and a camera phone?


5. Other kids are singing “rain, rain go away” but this little guy has a Babybrella


6. Used a banana for a phone stander, what???


7. Wore his hoody backward just to put popcorn in it while working.


8. Washing plate is outdated now.


9. Found a way to warm 2 meals at the same time in the microwave!! A double-decker microwave, next life sh!t.


10. Oh! Now that makes sense. Cutting out holes in all your hats for your headphones? Give it a few years from now and they will produce this.

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