10 Lessons to Know Before You Turn 30

Lessons are a part of life – the good, bad and ugly. For most people, certain damning mistakes could have been avoided had they received a counsel. As a young adult, you are often faced with enormous challenges. These 10 life lessons are expedient for every young adult and you should know the before you turn 30.

Make as many mistakes as possible

Not a lot of people know this but it’s important to make lots of mistakes before age 30. Mistakes give you experience on how to handle your emotions, how to think and how to make better choices. People who hardly make mistakes are people who hardly explore. They are mostly inexperienced. Just before you turn 30, be sure to realize you’re entering a zone where mistakes will no longer be expected of you. However, in making mistakes, be guided by wisdom.

Be a Jack of many trades and a master of one

Oftentimes, motivational speakers have drugged the popular adage, “Jack of all trades, master of none” in the mud. Although well-meaning, my counsel to you is to try your hands on a variety of things. This is typically good for anyone who has not yet discovered what to do with their lives. Learn different things, engage in diverse pursuits. By so doing, you identify what works for you and from there, you get to master it. That will make you both a specialist and versatile.

Don’t take life too seriously

The level of seriousness attached to life is often overestimated. As important as life is, do not be too serious such that, you no longer have time for friends and family. At the end of the day, all your challenges will magically fade away like a mirage. Take it cool with yourself when things don’t go as planned.

Make a lot of friends

Before you turn 30, most of you would have spent the larger part of your lives in various educational institutions. Whiles in school, make a lot of friends. Establish meaningful contacts with your course mates and colleagues. Life has a way of separating men and you will need the help of one of them along life’s journey.

Read a lot of books

Here’s another life lesson you should know before 30. The best time of your life to develop your cognitive intelligence is before 30. Until you turn 30, most of you have fewer responsibilities. Take advantage of that period to work on your mind. Learn the lessons of prominent people. Books contain solutions. Reading can save you years of wastage. Read today because you might not be able to do that tomorrow.

Get a university or college degree and learn a skill

Don’t fall for the trendy quotes of people that suggest a certificate is crap. If you are privilege to pursue higher learning, do it and do well to graduate with at worst a second class upper. It will position you ahead of your contemporaries who don’t have. It will also create room for you in the midst of those who have it. Whichever way, it’s better to have one and not need it than to need one and not have it. Meanwhile, don’t forget to learn a skill by the side. It might be the one to cater for you after school. Who knows?

Graduate with the best class you can

Take care of your health

Look after your health, you are going to want to be on earth for a long time, trust me. Nobody wants to die; not even the one who want to go to heaven. Make your health a priority and desist from things that silently weaken you. You have only one body. If you take care of it today, it will take care of you tomorrow.

Spend more time with family

Whiles you are still a teenager and in your twenties (20s), you are most likely going to focus of finding meaning. Your energy and attention will be to accomplish things. Remember, whenever you are done with these, you will need your family to see how far you have come. Spend quality time with your parents and siblings while they need you. Sooner or later, responsibilities will take you away from them and you might not have that chance again.

Save money and invest

You might not be receiving enough money before 30 but save. When you are unable to save the little you have today, it will be difficult to save tomorrow. You will need money to fund your dreams, ambitions, aspiration, etc. Cultivate the habit of saving whiles you’re young and the habit will follow you into adulthood. Learn investment and do it. It is NOT too early. Remember, people don’t plan to fail but if you fail to plan, failure will be inevitable.

Find your passion and stay loyal to it

What is more painful is to find yourself in work or job that brings you no fulfillment. Fulfillment is in following passion. Whiles you are still young, find your passion and pursue it without looking back. This is a timeless life lesson you’ll hardly have someone tell you.

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