10 Types Of Couples You’re Likely To Find On Any University Campus

University couple relationships have been the subject of much study and discussion in recent years. The title of the article will reveal the types of couples that are involved in university relationships.

Based on this, you might predict that there is a large amount of ‘dating’ going on campus which may not always be appropriate or healthy. Here are some noticeable types of couples you are likely to find on any campus.

1. The “let’s keep it a secret” Couple

Hm. This kind of couple tends to keep their relationship a secret for whatsoever reasons best known to them. “Are you guys dating “… “Oh no. He’s like a brother to me.”

secret couple


2. The Christian Couple

They pray together and are mostly seen together, attending church functions. As for this kind of love, it’s the God-made kind of love. Mmmmm

christian couple
Superstitious ethnic millennial couple wearing glasses isolated on grey studio background hold hands in prayer, hopeful black biracial man and woman believer pray make wish hope for best


3. The Party Couple

Which party on campus won’t you find them? They’re are present at anywhere that jams. Of course, a couple that love together, jam together.

party couple


4. The Insecure Couple

Everyone is on the look out for the other’s mistake especially cheating. At the least chance, they’ll go through each other’s phone and even set spies so they can have evidences to buttress their reasons of insecurity.

insecure couple


5. The “everyone’s favorite” Couple

People wish the union ends in a ‘happily ever after’ scene, admired by all and sundry. This couple indeed match the story in Disney movies.

favourite couple


6. The “break up to make up” Couple

They always have issues. As to the number of times they break up and make up, no one has ever had time to count. At a point, their break up is no longer news. This kind of couple is so dramatic.

arguing couple


7. The Goals Couple

Their actions in public are beautiful enough to attract others. The matching clothes, the jargons they have in common and even how they look at each other in the eye, are just goals. Not to talk about those who study or even engage in a business together. Awesome.

goals couple


8. The “same course” Couple

They walk arm in arm to class, sit together, belong to the same group, take a break and even share similar opinions to certain subjects confined to their course.

same class couple
Embraced African American college couple on a class at lecture hall. Their classmate are in the background.


9. The roommate Couple

This kind of couple, I doubt is very common in Ghana. It exists on some campuses anyway. With this couple, loving someone is enough to share an apartment or a room with each other, though they’re not married. Can you imagine yourself in such a relationship?

roommate couple


10. The “YouTube” Couple

Campus dating is moving to another level as technology advances. Many couples are seen moving their relationships to social media, especially YouTube. They create frequent vlogs, question and answer sessions, but to name a few.

youtube couple

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What other kind of couple do you know on Campus. Share your thoughts!

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