SM4LYF: All The Times Shatta Wale ‘Harassed’ Other Celebrities With His ‘Riches’

Shatta Wale’s quite a package and that’s simply because he has succeeded through unconventional means. He walked on hot coal with his barefoot and someway/somehow, he came out unscathed. Let’s not forget that one of the tried and tested principles of success according to the gospel of Shatta Wale is the usage of ‘beefs’ where at most times, he deliberately creates problems between himself and other celebrities and rides shoulder high on the public interest it generates. You can’t begrudge the dancehall king. The strategy has worked for him and so he’ll keep repeating it.

Tuesday, 15th June 2021; Shatta Wale releases a ‘diss’ song titled ‘See face, see shoe’ following his clash with Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo on UTV’s United Showbiz………..

arnold asamoah baidoo vs shatta wale

On 13th June 2020, Shatta Wale clashed with Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo on UTV’s United Showbiz, hosted by the elegant Nana Ama McBrown. The clash was as a result of Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo labelling Shatta Wale as an inconsistent and confused artiste. During the banter, Shatta Wale couldn’t control his temper, felt that Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo was not his co-equal and had no right to refer to him as an inconsistent and confused artiste.

“Arnold, the money I see, you no see some before o! Shw3 wu shoe tantantan ah wu di ti ha. Wu shoe 2.50 pesewas nu. Mi fans koraa sh3 better shoe. Don’t do that!!…show your house make I show my house”, barked the angry dancehall king. Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo ignored Shatta Wale’s taunts, focused on the issue at hand and as a result, earned the respect of a lot of Ghanaians. That’s not the first time Shatta Wale has brought in issues about his riches even when the subject being discussed had nothing to do with that.

Below are other celebrities who have being on the ‘receiving end’ of Shatta Wale and his ‘enormous’ riches;


Shatta Wale has on several occasions referred to Sarkodie as a poor musician who lives a fake life. According to entertainment pundits, Shatta Wale’s verbal attacks on Sarkodie emanates from Sarkodie breaking a financial agreement they had when he (Sarkodie) selfishly took a lesser amount of money for an event which was hosted by Globacom Telecommunications.

Yaa Pono

I’m sure the ‘diss’songs “Say Fi” and “Gbee Nabu” just flashed into your memory. Well……. The ‘beef’ between Yaa Pono and Shatta Wale began in 2017 when the former was prevented from performing at a show at the Cape Coast Stadium where the latter was the headline act.

Yaa Pono later said that he was not allowed to come on stage because his performance would have overshadowed Shatta Wale’s shine.

Portions of “Say Fi” made mockery of Yaa Pono’s financial status as Shatta Wale claimed that Yaa Pono didn’t even own an okada!

Reggie Rockstone

His legendary status as the godfather of hiplife could not deter the vicious tongue of Shatta Wale from having a go at him! “Is Reggie not poor, don’t tell me that thing, Abeiku!!!”,an angry Shatta Wale retorted after Abeiku Santana tried to convince the dancehall king to withdraw his earlier comments about Reggie Rockstone being poor.

Tic Tac (Tic)

In December 2017, Shatta Wale, for the umpteenth time, made the headlines for the wrong reasons after he referred to Tic Tac as broke because he (Tic Tac) refused to invest when he (Tic Tac) was famous.


The respected hip life group has also received their ‘poverty parcel’ from Shatta Wale. During a Facebook live stream in November 2017, Shatta Wale blasted VVIP for selling Ghana’s music at a cheap price during their hay days.

Shatta Wale said;

“I don’t see VVIP as stars because they failed Ghana. They sold Ghana for cheap and that has affected the music industry. Look at Zeal who always wears people’s village hat and will be making noise. Look at his beard like someone’s village career. When I see such people behaving so foolishly, I feel sad for them. They don’t understand the business of music and that is what I am fighting”.

Kwadwo Sheldon

Following Burna Boy and Wizkid’s win in the 2020 Grammy Awards, Kwadwo Sheldon opined that it will be impossible for Shatta Wale to win a Grammy if he keeps on releasing ‘useless’ songs like Hajia Bintu.

Shatta Wale would have none of that and ‘commanded’ Kwadwo Sheldon to shut up because he (Shatta Wale) can feed Sheldon’s family!!!

So……who’s next on Shatta Wale’s blacklist?




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