Everything you need to know on how to approach women

Firstly, women love confident men. There are qualities that help boost your confidence as a man; your fashion sense, because as a man, you need to look attractive to be confident. Dress to Impress, dress to feel comfy!

Also work on how you look, how you smell, like getting a clean haircut, getting a good skincare routine for glowing skin too, all of this helps in boosting your confidence.

While the most important thing is Money. Money goes a long way in boosting confidence.

Get a job/skill, hustle hard, make money. Women love money so it’d always attract them when they know you have lots of it money. The confidence that comes from women chasing you is top tier.

Secondly, always go out, meet new people. That your spec that has big ass doesn’t know your father’s house, go out bro.

The type of women you like will determine the type of places you go to.

If you like tick ladies or sugar mommies, hit the gym. If ypu like the kids of rich people, go to expensive parties and restaurants/nightclubs. You’ll meet people you find attractive in different places, trust me.

Thirdly, know the best time to approach her. Take Time to Observe Her; The first thing you need to do before you even decide to make an approach is to observe her and the surroundings for a while. You need to make sure she’s not distracted.

For example, is she talking to someone on her mobile phone? does she have headphones on? There’s no point walking over to her if she’s clearly not ready to have a conversation with you. Timing is key, it will make the difference between a successful or failed approach.

Once you’ve established that she’s free and doesn’t look busy, the next thing to do is to make eye contact and smile. You need to do this so as for her to acknowledge your presence first. It’s very necessary. It removes the element of surprise when you eventually approach her.

After making eye contact and maybe she even smiled back at you, that’s a great sign of interest. So you need to approach her immediately. If you hesitate, you risk looking like a pvssy— you need to show her you’re decisive as a king that you are.

If you feel nervous, calm the nerves by taking a few deep breaths. It’s normal to feel anxious, but just remember that whatever happens, it’s not the end of the world, you’ll be ok. Keep any negative thoughts out of your head, right before you walk over.

Approach her from the front or the side but never from behind. An approach from behind can feel threatening especially from a stranger. Remember, you not trying to surprise her here.

I guess with all this you good to go; Have some conversation openers already prepared in your mind before you make the approach. You don’t want to get there and have nothing to say.

The very first words you say have to be delivered in a clear, confident and powerful voice. Getting the conversation right is the most important aspect of this whole process. You need to have an interesting and engaging conversation.

Try to be informed and educated too. Women love guys who are well versed in everything; politics, music, career talks, s3x talks, science, technology and all.

The aim is to connect with her on a deeply emotional level and create instant attraction. You could either start the convo directly by walking up and introducing yourself. Something like, “Hi, I’m Kofi Wayo, do you mind if I join you?” Or you start the convo with a compliment

Compliments set a positive interaction straight away (Remember every woman loves compliments). For example, “That’s a really lovely dress you’re wearing, I like it, my name is Peter by the way, what’s yours?”

Or you just ask her for help like “Hi, do you know where I can get good coffee around here?” Then, you can build the conversation from here after she responds. Simple right? Yeah, it is. Women love funny guys, try to create relatable jokes around her, just make her laugh.

hen request for her number confidently, a woman will only give you her phone number if she has a good feeling about you. She has to feel some sort of attraction towards you. She has to feel comfortable around you. She needs to have enjoyed the conversation.

The easiest way to ask for her number is “It was great talking to you, it would be nice to hang out sometime, what’s your number?” Don’t say something like, “Can I have your number?” It forces her to give a yes or no answer & if she’s not really sure about you, she’ll just say no.

Stay tuned for more Kings!

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