Ghanaian Entertainers Who Left Showbiz To Concentrate On Entrepreneurship

To succeed as an entertainer is quite an arduous task which has consistency as the watchword. Cast your mind back…..I’m sure you’ll remember some entertainers who are presently ‘nowhere to be found’……

Then Shatta Wale (Bandana) entered the scene. Shatta Wale’s intention was to revolutionize Ghana’s showbiz industry. However, it has not been an easy ride for the tough talking and hardworking Dance Hall King. That notwithstanding, I’m quite sure that if Shatta Wale had appeared earlier, the story would have been different for a lot of entertainers.

Some of our entertainers didn’t see ‘any light at the end of the tunnel’ and so they channeled their energies into becoming great entrepreneurs. Below are some of them;

Reggie Rockstone

Despite being part of VVIP, the Grandpapa/ founder of Hiplife, Reggie Rockstone appears to have quit music for good. Guess what he’s now focusing on…..? Waakye, yeap!

Reggie Rockstone introduced Rockz Waakye whose trademark is in its packaging. Rockz Waakye is packaged in a glass jar.

However, Reggie Rockstone said that despite the initial skeptics, the sale of Rockz Waakye boomed during the earlier stages of the coronavirus.

On why Rockz Waakye was packaged in jars, Reggie Rockstone explained that the waakye was initially made to be sold to hotels as well as for exportation and that it was not done with the consumption of the general public in mind.

Reggie Rockstone also owns a nightclub/pub in Osu Ave-Accra known as Rockstone’s Office/Grand Papazz/ Django bar.

Nhyiraba Kojo

Nhyiraba Kojo found fame in 2014 after the release of the song, ‘Turn Around’ which featured Dr. Cryme. After that, Nhyiraba Kojo went on a hiatus and the next time we heard from him was when he showed off his lavish mansion (a 9 bedroom house located at Klagon).

Nhyiraba Kojo also owns a nightclub, NKC Shisha Office, formerly known as Pool Bar, located in Spintex-Accra which he purchased for $190,000.

In an interview with, Nhyiraba Kojo disclosed that he owns other businesses including; a pub, coldstores and a clothing line.

Edward Nana Poku Osei (Hammer)

Legendary Ghanaian music producer, Hammer has taken a step back from the music industry in order to enable him focus on his bread business, A1 Bread. Hammer is the CEO of The Last Two Music Group and he has groomed artistes such as; Sarkodie, Ayigbe Edem, Tinny, Kwaw Kese, Obrafuor, etc.

In an interview with DJ Slash on Rainbow entertainment , Hammer said;

 “…people always want me to combine the music and the bread business but I always tell them I cannot do it. Music for me is emotional. When I make music, I invest every time and emotion. Music for me is emotional. I cannot combine the two. It is either I commit fully to music or another thing. I put everything inside. It is not easy.”

“That is me. I use music to express my feelings. I cannot do it part-time. It is either I am making music or I am selling bread. I cannot sell bread and make music.”

Despite taking his foot off the music pedal, the Hammer released the video of ‘Ohohuo Asem’, to pay tribute to Agyekum who died in 2019.


C-Zar sang hit songs such as; Mercy Lokko, Araba Lawson as well as Sumsum Korkor but stopped singing after he reckoned that it was not a lucrative venture.

In May 2018, C-Zar launched a new electrical firm, Lucky Electrical Shop at Adenta. During the launch of his electrical firm, Z-Zar said;


“The electrical company yields more money than music so he sees no reason in wasting time in rapping to entertain his fans without making enough money when he can use the same time to sell electrical materials and make a lot of income”.



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