How to relocate to Canada and become permanent citizen by spending less than $3,000

Give me 10 minutes & I would show you how to inexpensively relocate to Canada and become a permanent resident.

Would you like to relocate to Canada in the next 8months spending less than 3,000 USD?

If you answered yes to that, this is the most important article you would ever come across. The simplest and surest pathway in relocating to Canada is via educational route, studying abroad, especially in a country like Canada is not difficult as many imagine The application process is easy especially with the discovery that;

  1. You do not need to write an IELTS exam as a Ghanaian because you are from an English speaking country.

2. You don’t need to pay a tuition fee before getting a visa.

3. It is the surest pathway to permanent residency after your education

4. You don’t need to have a travel agency for the entire process, this saves you over $200.

5. Canada is highly multicultural giving you access to people from different parts of the world, the more you meet them, the more your potential opportunities later in life.

6. The quality of education in Canada is world-class and a Canadian credential is a door opener anywhere in the world.

7. As a student there are high paying jobs you can do to sustain yourself while you study.

8. As a student, you have privileges of extended health plans that cover vision, dental, childbirth, doctor’s office visit etc.

9. You also have access to food banks and other financial assistance.

10. You have the ability to invite families over visitation.

11. You have the ability to apply for the Canadian child care benefit after 18 months of landing in Canada ( for those who have kids ).

12. You would be getting discounted expenses in form of fares, clothing, tech, among varieties of others through the student card.

13. You may work 20/hrs/week off-campus or much on campus.


STEP1; CHOOSING A SCHOOL – You should consider the following factor 1, Tuition fee 2, cost of living in a province 3, ease of becoming a permanent resident application fee for admission is usually between $100-$150.


STEP 2;  Application for study visa

Study visa application to the Canadian embassy is non-appearance, your statement of intent is your spokesperson before the visa officer

If your study visa is approved, you will also get a study permit which allows you to work part-time in Canada.

Why do so many still struggle to move to Canada as a student? It’s not just lack of information and fiance as you might think, but because of guidance from someone who understands the process and has done exactly the same thing for himself /herself before.

3. Check your eligibility: Ensure you meet the eligibility requirements for a Canadian study permit. You will need:

  • an acceptance letter from a DLI,
  • proof of financial support,
  • supporting documents (varies depending on your countries of citizenship and residence).

4. Prepare your application: If you meet all eligibility requirements then you can start to prepare your study permit application. Make sure that you have gathered all documents required for your country.

If you don’t show that you meet the requirements, an immigration officer may reject your application.

It is a good idea to have a qualified immigration representative review your application before you submit it.

3. Submit your study permit application: You have two options when submitting your application:

  • Submit an electronic application: Create an account on the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website. You can submit an application electronically using scanned or electronic copies of documents.
  • Submit a paper-based application: Gather hard copies of your documents and mail them to the Visa Application Centre (VAC) assigned to your country.

4. If your study permit is approved, Hurray !  You do not receive your Canadian study permit until you arrive at a Canadian Port of Entry (POE).

If your permit is approved, the Canadian government will issue you a Port of Entry Introduction Letter.

You must show this letter to the immigration official when you arrive in Canada to get your study permit.




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