VIDEO: 3 Times Taxi Drivers Were Caught Pleasuring Themselves While Transporting Passengers

End time? Well, one cannot explain the stuff happening these days — the unthinkable has now become normal to certain people. The intent of this post is to educate and caution passengers who patronise ride-hailing services or charter taxis alone.

Some taxi drivers who could not control their urges while in transit could not help but pull out their manhood to stroke it in the full glare of their passengers. The astonished passengers did not only slam them but pull out their smartphones to record the act.

The drivers, however, did not even bother to hide the act or prevent the passengers from recording them.

One driver who was queried by his female passengers said he was tempted to do it by the outfits they wore. The video has since been watched over 130,000 times and shared almost 3,000 times.

In a separate video, another taxi driver is seen jerking off under his clothes. His passenger discretely records him as he continued to drive.

A passenger also called out a driver of a ride-hailing service on social media. According to her, she was petrified by the driver’s actions and forced him to pull over at the nearest busy bus stop.

Woman calls out a driver who was caught pleasuring himself while in transit

We, hereby, advise passengers to abandon their rides immediate they suspect anything unusual during their trips.

Due to our site policies, we cannot share the videos here, however, you can watch via these links:

First Video

Second video

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