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Here Is How Gh Twitter Reacted To Sarkodie And EL’s New Song “Revival”

1. https://twitter.com/ECG___Ghana/status/1254116026201055237?s=20 2. https://twitter.com/Nasty00007/status/1254112888035434498?s=20 3. https://twitter.com/BlackBoyFlyy_/status/1254184760949256193?s=20 4. https://twitter.com/jason_kill_code/status/1254184356261834752?s=20 5. https://twitter.com/kotitwe123/status/1254183158024634369?s=20 6. https://twitter.com/p_incode/status/1254182786266730497?s=20 7. https://twitter.com/DaSilvaRex1/status/1254182330438213632?s=20 8. https://twitter.com/_Lysis/status/1254181961490477056?s=20 9. https://twitter.com/p_incode/status/1254181518605455361?s=20 10. https://twitter.com/TerkpeteyDugba1/status/1254181179756068864?s=20 11. https://twitter.com/CommonHappiness/status/1254180057645486080?s=20 12. https://twitter.com/Realorbit1/status/1254177830042251265?s=20 13. https://twitter.com/Original_KW/status/1254127787507683330?s=20  

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