The intensity of the Senior Sharks Season  5 continues as Delhi Private School(DPS) and University Practise SHS, Cape Coast, slugged it out in the second contest of the Round of 16.

This was one of those unpredictable contests of The Sharks Quiz that went the full throttle before a winner could emerge.

It was a daunting task picking out a clear favourite to progress to the next stage of Senior Sharks 5.

UPSHS are newbies in The Sharks Quiz, hoping to leave an indelible footprint in the competition.

DPS on the other hand has enjoyed a mixed bag of fortunes in The Sharks Quiz, with the Juniors more successful than the Seniors.

Round 1

DPS, Tema, set the ball rolling in Round 1.

Smartly attired in their customized green jackets, they attacked their questions with utmost alacrity.

The idea? to have enough time on their hands to tackle thorny questions that would allowed to pass.

It was a good effort and for that, fifty(50) points was harvested.

UPSHS readied themselves to be quizzed on eight questions about anything of relevance.

A combination of inexperience and jitters caused UPSHS to hurtle into the round.

After their set of questions had been fully exhausted thirty(30) points was the best they could do.

Round 2

UPHS shuffled their cards and injected fresh mind into this contest.

In this ‘R-Cube’ (Reading, Writing, Arithmetic) round, UPSHS were found wanting in the Reading and Writing segment.

The strength of the Cape Coasters was to lie in the Arithmetic where they showed impressive mathematical acumen.

UPSHS edged slightly ahead with fifteen ( 15) points while DPS stayed behind with five( 5) points at the end of the round.

Round 3

It was the turn of DPS to rejuvenate their squad with fresh minds as they effected their first substitution.

The first question of the round was picked up by DPS after UPSHS had missed it on their attempt.

Both schools appeared fully appraised of the fact that the clock was ticking fast.

And with that in mind, no opportunity to increase their points tally was spared.

At the end of the Third Round, the contest was still neck-to-neck with both schools ending with fifteen(15) points each.

Round 4

DPS still had game changers in the waiting as they effected another substitution to bring on their best shot.

The make-up of the creme de la creme in English, Math, Science and General Knowledge looked like this:

Danielle for DPS and Christiana for UPSHS elected to display their understanding of the Queen’s Language.

Twenty (20) points was shared between them as Christiana picked the first question while Danielle responded by picking the second.

Herbert for UPSHS and Raj for DPS respectively in Math was the next pair of experts.

While Herbert’s answer was met with an incorrect response, Raj didn’t attempt an answer.

Same scene played out in the second question, except that this time it was Raj who attempted and missed the question while Herbert stayed glued.

In the Science segment, Chatainya and Collins for DPS and UPSHS represented their schools respectively.

Both answers given by the two contestants were all ruled as incorrect.

Christiana and Kwabena for UPSHS and DPS in the General Knowledge were thrust with the responsibility to seal victory for their respective schools.

The picture of Jamaican sprinter Shellly Anne Frazer-Pryce could not be identified.

Neither could the song of Grammy award winning Beninese singer Angelique Kidjoe be identified.

Both schools once again walked away with ten(10) points each as the curtains was drawn for the end of the contest.

When the finals scores of the second contest of Senior Sharks 5 were announced, it showed that DPS had done just enough in the first round to hedge them throughout the contest.

They won with eighty(80) points with the 2015 NSMQ 2nd runner-up, UPSHS, having seventy(70) points.

Scores at a glance( See infographics below)

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