Two schools from the lush mountainous town of Aburi in the Eastern Region were in action in the preliminary stage of Senior Sharks Season 5.

Aburi Girls SHS were hoping to progress to the next round of Sharks Season 5, but they first had fellow towners, Aburi Sec Tech, to grapple with.

This contest brought out the best in these two Presbyterian schools with both putting in their utmost effort to great admiration.

For a moment, audience and viewers at home thought this will be another contest with a photo- finish.

In the first two rounds, it appeared it was heading in that direction, till the last two rounds put Aburi Girls firmly at the summit of the Aburi mountains.

When this last contest in the preliminary stage was concluded, the faces of Stacy, Udea, Racheal and Esther was a picture of pure delight.

Round 1

The first round of this contest will easily rank as one of the high scoring rounds seen in Sharks Quiz Season Five.

It was crystal clear the local rivalry was fuelling this stiff determination by both schools to come out tops and earn the bragging rights.

Aburi Girls earned seventy(70) points while Aburi SHTS scored sixty(60) points.

Round 2

Aburi SHTS shuffled their cards and introduced Lovereance to continue from where Marian had left off.

Both schools expended minimal amount of energy in dispatching the Reading and Writing questions of the ‘R-Cubed’ round.

Yet again, a substitution in Sharks Quiz Season 5 justified their inclusion when Lovereance showed his wizardry in mathematics.

Another high scoring round for both schools it ended but it was Aburi SHTS which had the upper hand with sixty-five(65) points while Aburi Girls had forty-five(45) points.

Round 3

With scores so far agonizingly close, Aburi Girls also brought on board Rabbi to replace Udia in a bid to reclaim their top spot.

Over-exuberance can best explain what happened to Aburi SHTS in this round.

Lovereance, by far the most outstanding contestant in Round 2 displayed great confidence to buzz for most of the questions midstream.

Unfortunately for him and Aburi Sec Tech, he missed all the questions by whiskers.

With only the accurate time keeper to compete with, Aburi Girls exercised all the diligence they could muster to earn correct scores continuously.

Aburi Girls made the most of Aburi Sec Tech’s misfortune to end the round with thirty-five(35) points.

Aburi SHTS suffered a demoralizing implosion to finish the round with negative thirty(-30) points.

At this rate, Aburi SHTS needed the lyrics of “He lives in you” by Diana Ross, “..Wait! there’s no mountain too great, hear these words and have faith…”

Round 4

The One-on-one round was another interesting round to add to an already entertaining contest.

It was not over until the best-of-the-best in English, Science, Math and General Knowledge competed head on.

Jessica for Aburi SHTS and Stacy for Aburi Girls SHS mounted the lectern as the English scholars.

Their scholarly reputation in the Queens Language was thrown into question as both failed abysmally on their two set of questions.

Esther faced off with sharp Lovereance in the Math segment for Aburi Girls and Aburi SHTS respectively.

Esther repeated her superlative display in Rounds Two and Three when she shocked Lovereance to pick the first question and second questions.

Science geeks were Daniel and Rabbi for the co-ed institution and the single-sex institution respectively.

Yet again, guess work and Science proved incongruous.

Up next were Appiah and Spencer as the Social Literacy masters for Aburi Girls SHS and Aburi SHTS respectively.

After both had missed their first question, the second question requiring the identification of American swimmer, Michael Phelps, was bagged by Spencer.

Trivia: Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympiad with 28 medals- 23 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze medals.

With that the Fourth and final round scores had Aburi Girls with twenty(20) points and Aburi SHTS with ten(10) points.

For final scores for this Aburi Girl’s SHS were miles ahead of their neighbours with one hundred and seventy(170) points against one hundred and five(105) points.

Scores at a glance( See infographics below)

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